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How Can I Get Rid of - Browser Hijacker Infection Removal Instruction Description can be classified as a browser hijacker infection. It sneaks into your computer with free downloads such as games or share programs on the Internet. It can be bundled with spam email attachments or hidden in hacked web sites as well. Users are redirected to page whenever you open your browser. All your browsers can be affected with this annoying infection, unfortunately, so users are suggested to remove as soon as possible before it causes much more problems.

Users’ homepages are changed to browser hijacker definitely once infected. In the matter of fact, it changes your default browser settings including default search engines and DNS settings. What is more, it is able to record your cookies and histories to track your search habits or personal information stored in your computer. Besides, malicious files are injected to your system, and malicious toolbar and add-ons will be installed to your browsers.

Summary: Properties of Browser Hijacker Infection

1. It sneaks into your computer with share programs or spam email attachments;
2. It injects malicious files into your system, and installs malicious toolbar and add-ons to your browsers;
3. It hijacks your homepages, redirects your search results and changes your default browser settings;
4. It is able to inject other infections to your computer;
5. It is able to record your cookies and histories;

How Can I Get Rid of - Browser Hijacker Infection Removal Instruction

Manual removal instruction:

Step1: Go to Task Manager with Alt+Ctrl+Delete and stop its process.

Step2: Remove files, search the related files:

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.exe

Step 3: Guide to reset IE Home Page Select Start Menu > Control Panel > Internet Options > General>>Type your preferred home page's URL>>Click "Use Default," "Apply," and "OK."

Step 4: Restart your computer to check the effect.

Automatic removal instruction with SpyHunter:

 To Remove browser hijacker easily from your computer, the most common way is to use antivirus application. And I strongly recommend you to download and install SpyHunter, because this powerful and popular antivirus program can help you get through this problem. Now, let’s see how to remove browser hijacker with SpyHunter from your computer step by step.

Step one: Click the following red icon to download SpyHunter to help remove browser hijacker from your computer.

Step two: Install SpyHunter on your computer following the onscreen prompts step by step.

Step three: Start a full scan with SpyHunter after it is installed in your computer.
Step four: Select all the threats and virus related browser hijacker, and then eliminate them completely.

Attention: Manually removing browser hijacker is too complicated, in order to avoid further damage to the infected system,we strongly advise using SpyHunter to remove browser hijacker automatically, which is easier and faster. Moreover, SpyHunter is able to take preventive measures to safeguard computer in the future.

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