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Hello everyone,

There is some attacks occurring in Brazil and the "hackers" are using an ransomware software to crypt and change the file extensions, the file extensions are being changed to .Teslacrypt 3.0, the "hackers" are requesting bitcoins in order to send a password to unzip an .exe that will uncrypt the files.

A person have payed the bitcoin and he has shared the .exe that uncrypt the files, i will attach the files for someone that want try to make a reverse engineering on it to try to make a generic uncrypt for this kind of situation.

If your PC is infected by Teslacrypt 3.0 ransomware, your critical files will be encrypted and you are always displayed an alert saying that your files are encrypted, you have to pay money or bitcoin to get them back, if not, you will never use them again. Don't be frightened by it, although your PC is locked by it, you can get professional help from computer security experts. Teslacrypt 3.0 Ransomware is developed by cyber criminals to cheat innocent computer users' money. What you need to do is to get rid of Teslacrypt 3.0 Ransomware from your PC as early as possible to avoid further losses.


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Redirected to

Tricked and fooled by

Your security tool can’t remove

Countless pop-ads bombarded to you? is categorized as one kind of browser hijacker which arouses a bunch of issues to the impacted PC. This malicious application has the ability to sneak into your computer without your authorization and bundled itself with crucial documents.


Best Guides to Delete Pop-ups - Removal Guides is a malicious browser hijacker that is capable of hijacking your browsers like IE, Firefox, Google and so on. Commonly, it compromise browsers by changing the default settings of it. Unwanted plug-ins, add-on will be added to them. What's more, your homepage is changed as well. As a result, countless pop-up ads will be showed on your PC without your approval. Remember that the ads displayed by may link you to other malicious websites with various malware or spyware.

Why is your PC infected by

If you have visited malicious websites or corrupted web pages. It is likely that your PC will be infected by What's more, clicking on detrimental links or advertisements can be dangerous to your PC as well. Never download or install freeware or shareware to your PC with default installation process. It is very dangerous and harmful to do that, since unwanted program or websites always hide in them. Make sure that you always choose Custom or Advanced installation process and check every installation step carefully.


Best Guides to Delete 1-888-548-0653 Pop-ups - Removal Guides

Your browsers are filled with 1-888-548-0653 pop-ups ads?
Your system performance degraded?
Annoyed by the ceaseless popups?
Seeking ways to remove 1-888-548-0653 pop-ups?

1-888-548-0653 pop-ups is an ad-supported program  that will keeps popping up messages to your screen as your computer is infected by it. But why is your computer infected by it. The reason is that you may have visited supitious websites or hacked web sites with a lot of viruses or infections. Even if you have to nothing on them, the browsing will lead adware 1-888-548-0653 pop-ups installed.