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Best Way to Remove Exploit:SWF/Axpergle - Delete Exploit:SWF/Axpergle Step by Step

It is very nasty that Exploit:SWF/Axpergle get on my computer without my notice until my security tool reports to me. How can it get into my machine with my protecting tool running in my PC. 

Exploit:SWF/Axpergle is a dangerous computer threat that can make chaos on your whole system. Commonly, Exploit:SWF/Axpergle is spread via spam attachments, harmful links and different kinds of free programs.The time it get inside, Exploit:SWF/Axpergle will attack your registry entry and generate a lot of files to hide deeply into your machine. In this case, you will notice that your system runs more and more slowly and even freezes up.

Moreover, your critical files will be altered and deleted by Exploit:SWF/Axpergle without your approval and your routine programs will be disabled by it. What’s more, Exploit:SWF/Axpergle is able to collect your confidential information like online history, search habits, bank details, or email address. It is not difficult for users to get rid of Exploit:SWF/Axpergle, you can follow our manual steps or download and install security tool SpyHunter  to get rid of it immediately.

What will Exploit:SWF/Axpergle do to your computer?

1.It will change your registry entries to make itself launch automatically in the background.

2.It has the capacity of shutting down and reopening your system randomly.

3.It will make your screen turn blue every now and then.

4.It is able to open a backdoor on the compromised system to let other malicious viruses take chances to attack your system.

5.It can connect the infected system with remote server to make the third parties control the target computer, and then they can steal the important personal information stored on the infected computer.

How can Exploit:SWF/Axpergle get into my computer?

1.Bundled with free software or shareware.

2.Lurking in the junk email attachments.

3.Hiding in the hijacked websites.

What can I do to remove Exploit:SWF/Axpergle completely from the infected system?

Approach one: manually remove Exploit:SWF/Axpergle from your PC.

Step 1. Boot up the infected computer, press F8 at the very beginning, choose “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter to get in safe mode with networking.

Step 2. Close the current windows then disable the running processes of Exploit:SWF/Axpergle.
1) Use the key combination(Ctrl+Shift+Esc) to open the System Task Manager instantly.
2) Click on Processes tab in the displayed window then select the processes of Exploit:SWF/Axpergle from the list then click on the End Process button.

Step 3.  Show all hidden files and clean all the malicious files about Exploit:SWF/Axpergle.
1. Click the Start button and choose Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, to find Folder Options then click on it twice.
2. In the pop-up dialog box, click the View tab and unfold Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).
3. Clean all the malicious files about Exploit:SWF/Axpergle.

Step 4. Remove all the registry entries by using the following processes.
1.Click on the Start button to open Registry Editor, and choose Run option, and then type regedit and press Enter.
2. Figure out all malicious registry entries and delete them:
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run {0A6EE16D-0E10-C541-5CA9-A1917432F3BA} = ""%AppData%\Evhapy\toikf.exe""

Approach two: automatically block / uninstall Exploit:SWF/Axpergle with SpyHunter.

Step one: Download SpyHunter on your computer by clicking the icon below.

Step two: Following the prompts to automatically install SpyHunter

Step three: when the installation processes finish, run a full scan on the infected system to find out every threats, and then delete them completely.

Step four: Restart your computer again to make it effect.

Warm reminder: I don’t advise using manual removal method to delete Exploit:SWF/Axpergle, because it is easy to make mistakes to cause further damage to the system. Compared with manual removal, automatic removal with SpyHunter is simpler and faster. So I strongly recommend SpyHunter to you.