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MyComputer Keeps Sending E-mail that I Haven't Written, How to Solve This Problem?

Many computer users may have this experience that their email account sends emails to their friends automatically. Sometimes the email contains malicious links to other harmful websites or with viruses. They have no idea how to solve this problem?

If your email account send emails automatically, you have to be attentive that your accounts or passwords have been stolen. So you have to check it out to see whether you can change the password immediately. If not, connect with your friends to be careful of the emails sent by this account of you.

Also, if your PC is infected by computer viruses, your email accounts and passwords may be pilfered as well. The virus in your computer is able to use this accounts to send emails to your friends automatically without your approval. Most of the time, the emails contains viruses, commercial links or malicious links. As you find this happened, tell your friends soon and change your emails passwords as early as possible. Then you have to seek ways to get rid of viruses in your computer. If you are not sure how to do, you can run a full scan of your antivirus to detect and remove viruses.

Since there are so many viruses that are released newly, so some of the antivirus may fail to detect and remove new viruses. So you have to choose a reputable and effective security tool like SpyHunter which provide you newest version of virus data base. You can update it to the latest version timely to solve all the problems in your Computer.

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